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My first Linux operating system was Ubuntu 10.04, when I was still young. It was my first experience with open-source software, which I didn't fully appreciate at the time. I just wanted an operating system to work on my Dell hand-me-down computer and didn't want to pay for windows. So, Linux was the first thing I found. Over the next few years I started to really appreciate open-source...


Reflections on My Time at the Open Source Lab by Travis Whitehead

Working at the Open Source Lab has been the highlight of my computer science experience at Oregon State University. It was just by chance that I came across a job listing for the OSL. I had never heard of the organization, and it certainly was not a factor in my decision to pursue computer science at Oregon State...


Matthew Johnson is an OSU alumnus who now works at Tesla as a senior software engineer. He is a veteran of the U.S Marine Corps Infantry and served as a law enforcement officer. At Oregon State University, he worked for the Open Source Lab and received a scholarship from CBT Nuggets. He recently sat down with College of Engineering to talk about his experience working at...

The Open Source Lab is a nonprofit organization working for the advancement of open source technologies.

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By enabling innovative projects and distributing software to millions of users globally, the lab is working to accelerate the growth of high-impact open source software projects and promote an open source culture of accessibility and increased productivity around the world. The lab partners with industry leaders and policy makers to bring open source technologies to new sectors, including education, health and government.

Under the school of EECS, the OSL and the Oregon State Business Solutions Group have joined together to create the Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS). CASS provides clients with services for every stage of a project: designing, developing, testing and hosting. This partnership allows each group to maintain its unique brand while combining their expertise and giving them the ability and resources to take on bigger and better projects.

To learn more about obtaining services from the lab and explore our active projects, please visit our Hosting and Development pages. A list of our hosted projects can be found on our Hosted Communities page. To get updates on the Open Source Lab, read our Blog page. If you are interested in contributing to the success of our projects or sponsoring our students' progress, please visit our Donate page.

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